Up and running with ResearchGate!


Sigma Xi is now up and running on ResearchGate, a project of your Nordic Chapter. The early response has been absolutely superb, thanks to all who worked on the effort, from officers and directors of the Society, enthusiastic staff in Research Triangle Park, the principals of ResearchGate, and not the least, the scientists and engineers of Sigma Xi who joined our Subcommunity on the site and began productive networking immediately.

To give you an idea of the response, we now have 31,180 registered in our Subcommunity. Of these, 1769 registered on their own initiative prior to the automatic installation of an additional 29,411 members current in their dues as the result of a mass registration performed by ResearchGate at the request of Sigma Xi. Of these a significant number, approaching half, have already entered a profile and have begun to enjoy the many benefits of participation.

I urge all of you new registrants, and you original registrants, too, to go spelunking around the site to familiarize yourselves with the many services and benefits of scientific networking offered by ResearchGate. The site now has over 500,000 participants, of which we as Sigma Xi are the largest group by a significant measure. Many of the groups are small, what we might call research ‘cells’ composed of a few persons working on a project. This is the tremendous power of flexible networking. We can form groups suitable to our interests, and connect them to other compatible groups. Then all benefit from sharing our ideas.

Please, as convenient to you if you haven’t done so already, complete your profiles so that the others of us can see and learn of your professional interests and activities. I welcome all of you to our new network community, and all best wishes for a new high level of your productive research.

Feel free to contact me personally with your comments, questions, or suggestions. I promise prompt attention.


Paul C. Kettler, Superadministrator
Sigma Xi Subcommunity
on ResearchGate

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