Top 10 Liberal Wheezes of All Time

P for Paul

10. Terminate innocent life — promote abortion — but save evil life — abhor capital punishment.

9. Proclaim women’s and gay’s rights — but welcome all Muslims, including some who would kill women and gays.

8. Assert rights under the Constitution to those who are not citizens, legal residents, or legal visitors.

7. Bash Jews and Christians, denying the Judeo-Christian ethic underpinning American values.

6. Reject blind justice by ignoring crimes of the liberal elite, while railroading conservatives.

5. Aver that hate speech is any speech with which they disagree.

4. Not baking a cake for a gay wedding in anathema, whereas advocating the assassination of the President is free speech.

3. Health care, which is expensive, is somehow a right, whereas the air we breathe, which is free, is subject to restrictive regulation.

2. Closed borders are fine when they are a liberal’s front door, but not when they are geographical features, like the Rio Grande.

1. The instinct of self preservation, embodied in the right to protect one’s life from violent criminal attack, is repealed.

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