Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society

Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society

Choice of Inactive Status

On July 1, 2013, I chose inactive status at Sigma Xi, after 50 years of dues-paying membership. I shall remain active in the affairs of the Nordic Chapter, but not of the larger Society.

Committee on Communications and Publications

American Scientist Centennial

Following the Sigma Xi Annual Meeting and Research Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina, in November 2011, the Board of Directors of the Society decided to reconstitute the Committee on Publications, and in the process rename it the Committee on Communications and Publications. I show gratitude that Society President Michael Crosby chose to appointment me to the new Committee and to the position of Chairman. This confidence was not misplaced, for I promised to fulfill my duties faithfully and always with the best interests of the members in mind.

The previous Committee on Publications had become dormant, having issued its last Annual Report for the year 2006. President Crosby thanked all of the remaining members (of which I was one,) then disbanded the Committee before forming the new one.

The Committee on Communications and Publications oversees the Editorial Board of the Society’s oft-awarded journal American Scientist, as well as activities related to the transition of American Scientist to an all-electronic format. Further, the Committee provides guidance for the members’ participation in the Internet networks like Sigma Xi’s presence on ResearchGate, LinkedIn, and others, and for all remaining internal and external communications. The Committee supports all functions in its demesne and provides liaison to the Board of Directors for implementation of policy.

In late 2012, I resigned from the Committee on Communications and Publications for personal reasons.

History of the Nordic Chapter

Flag of NorwayFlag of DenmarkFlag of SwedenFlag of FinlandFlag of Iceland

On 9 December 2008 I sent an email to Kathy McLane, Membership Director of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, of which I am a member. My request was a simple one. How about having a Chapter of the Society in Norway? Well, through Kathy’s good offices we developed the concept further until we brought to life a Nordic Chapter, to include members living in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. The new Chapter achieved formal status on 3 July 2009 when Antonio Pita, Director of the Society and Chairman of its International Committee, delivered the Charter to us in a formal ceremony on the Blindern campus of the University of Oslo. For this happy occasion we thank especially Jerry Baker, Executive Director of the Society, and all of his fellow members on the Board of Directors for their substantial support of the concept. The dream has come true.

Prior to the Charter Meeting the members of the provisional Chapter voted for its first officers. By unanimous consent they elected Julia Lawall to the offices of Vice President and Secretary, and me to the offices of President and Treasurer. Prof. Lawall, of the Computer Science Department at the University of Copenhagen, is an expert in the theoretical design and implementation of operating systems. We thank the members sincerely for their confidence in us to lead the Nordic Chapter from its inception.

On 13 November 2009 at the Annual Meeting of the Society in Houston, Texas, the members of the Canadian/International Constituency Group chose me as its Associate Director for a three year term beginning 1 July 2010. On 18 May 2010 the Nordic Chapter held its First Annual Meeting and Research Conference in Dragør (Copenhagen), Denmark. A year later, on 24 May 2011 the Chapter held its Second Annual Meeting in Espoo (Helsinki), Finland. On 30 May 2012 the Chapter held its Third Annual Meeting in Oslo, Norway. You may read my review of this Meeting in the blog of this web site, here: Nordic Chapter Conference Oslo. Following are links to the home page of the Society, to the blog of the Nordic Chapter, and to our Application for Charter.

Oh, yes, about the flags above. In order, left to right, they are Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. Each is in in the correct aspect ratio. Note that Norway and Iceland have the same shape and the same colors, just in the reversed positions.



  • Member
  • Founder [2009] and President [2009–2010], Nordic Chapter
  • Associate Director, Canadian/International Constituency Group [2010–2012]
  • Committee Member:
    • Qualifications and Membership [2010–2012]
    • International [2011–2012]
    • Communications and Publications, Chairman [2012]