New content on the site: RSS feed of Science in the News


With my new web site comes an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed of Science in the News, a subscription service from Sigma Xi. By visiting the feed you will get all the topical news from the world of science in easy-to-read text aimed at a general scientific audience. If you subscribe yourself to the service (which is free) you will have email messages of this material delivered to your mailbox once a week (a daily service with more content is also available.) However, if you don’t need this news on a regular basis, but only want to visit once in awhile on your own schedule, then coming to my site is a better idea. You don’t get your mailbox cluttered with material you don’t intend to read, and the convenience is still there with just a click or two. For all practical purposes Science in the News is in the ‘cloud’ for you to visit any time you want.

Also, I hope you enjoy the appearance of my new site. I happen to love it. FYI, it was created by Insight Design Studio at AT Consulting in Oslo. This team captured exactly the look and feel I wanted in my site, which was an understated theme in moderated colors, unobtrusive yet fully supportive of the academic nature of the content. I think they did a superb job. And now, in a thinly veiled plug, I say that if you would like a site like this one, or an upgrade of your existing site, just drop Andreas Tollaksen, founder of AT Consulting, a note at Insight Design Studio for a no-obligation discussion of your needs, and he promises a prompt response. Andreas recently completed his Master of Science degree in Financial Economics at BI Norwegian School of Management, and has the ‘Insight’ necessary to appreciate your content as well as your form. He personally supervises all web development work at his firm, and the best of all for me is that with my modest web development skills I can easily maintain the site with a minimum of effort. Insight Design Studio doesn’t “write itself into” your site, as so many web developers do, just so they can promote an endless “service” contract for their own benefit, not yours. Prices are reasonable and competitive, and I am sure you will be satisfied. BTW, I have no financial interest in this referral. It is simply that I like their work.

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