Here you see more on the organization of the site and its content. I don’t change this page very often, so once you have read it you probably do not need to see it again for awhile.

Papers, Monographs, Notes, Invited Talks

On my Academics page you will find a selection of my scientific works. For the research papers you will also find a link to BibTeX entries for those of you who may wish to include the papers among your references. Also, you will see links to citations in the peer-reviewed scientific literature, and for one paper, a link to citations in the general literature. For the Invited Talks you have links to the slide presentations. Almost all of those relate to the scientific papers.

Personal and News

In addition to Academics page you see tabs above for various other pages, mostly professional things, but there is also a Personal page with several items from my travels with my wife Bente, to some ‘Fun and Games’ teasers.

This page also has a link to my Mathematics Genealogy, that is the tracing back through my advisers to theirs, and so forth. These ancestors go back to von Leibniz, Gauß, and Copernicus, with many world-class mathematicians along the way. This is indeed a humbling legacy for me.

The News page has my personal blog along with an RSS feed from the Scandinavian Actuarial Journal, one of the journals for which I provide referee services. If you would like to join the RSS feed for my blog, here is the link: Blog RSS feed. Similarly, this is the link for comments: Comments RSS feed. To the right in the sidebar you see links to some recent posts to my blog, comments on them, and categories of posts.

European Mathematical Society

See my European Mathematical Society (EuroMathSoc) page for information about my activities with this group. In March 2012 I was elected by my peers to the governing Council of the Society for a four-year term, and am now serving the members in this capacity. Just recently I have added news of the Society’s quadrennial European Congress of Mathematics in Kraków, Poland, 2–6 July 2012, as a post on the News page. The Council met the two days prior, and I was present for that, too. See the post here: Sixth European Congress of Mathematics.

Sigma Xi

Visit my Sigma Xi page to learn more about what had been a very important professional involvement for me. Recently I chose inactive status at Sigma Xi, limiting from then my involvement to the affairs of the Nordic Chapter. You see on the page information about the Committee on Communications and Publications of which I had been named Chairman by then-President of Sigma Xi, Michael Crosby. I resigned this position following Dr. Crosby’s term to devote more of my professional activity to the European Mathematical Society.

Terror in Norway

I have made five posts relating to the terror attacks in Norway on 22 July 2011, which have affected all Norwegians and residents like me, and my family personally. You may read these posts here as filtered from the general blog: Norway terror attacks.


At the bottom of the sidebar under the heading networks you see two “radio buttons,” the first for my page on ResearchGate and the second for my page on LinkedIn. ResearchGate is a prominent scientific networking site on which Sigma Xi has its own ‘Subcommunity.’ LinkedIn, as almost everybody knows, is an important networking site for those offering or seeking employment in many professions. Sigma Xi has its own section there, as well. To be truthful there’s not much on these sites about my personal activities, except as might interest other mathematicians or scientists in related fields; mostly I just refer visitors back to this site. However, those sites do give me a presence in very large and important communities, and I find value in that.

Come back often!

I hope you find visiting my site a truly satisfying experience. Please let me know. Information is on my Contact page. Enjoy yourself, and come back often!