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This is my page for the European Mathematical Society. I will have information here about the Society and its activities, and also about my participation in them. In March 2012 I was elected to the governing Council as a delegate representing the individual members for a term of four years. The Council also has institutional members, such as the national mathematical societies of European countries and research institutions. The logo you see at the upper left corner of this paragraph is known as the Garland. It has an interesting mathematical representation.

It is an honor for me to have been elected by my peers to this responsible position. More importantly, though, the election provides me the opportunity to serve the community of scholars which has been so important to me. I have promised to all members of the Society that I shall perform my duties faithfully, and always with their best interests in mind.

Sixth European Congress of Mathematics

For the period 2–6 2012 the Society met in Kraków, Poland, for its sponsored event, the Sixth European Congress of Mathematics. The Council met during the two days previous to those. I, of course, was present for the whole week. You may learn more about the Society, and these Council and Congress meetings, on the Society’s web site: European Mathematical Society, and also by reading my post on the News page of this site, at this link. Sixth European Congress of Mathematics.

ad hoc Committee on Web Site Design and Development

Recently, I have had the privilege of serving on an ad hoc committee of members for the purpose of redesigning and developing the web site of the EMS to modern standards. I am pleased to report that this remodeling has been accomplished, to universal acclaim from the members. Goals of the project were to make the site more responsive and interactive, especially in the job market section important especially to our younger members, and to make the visiting experience more friendly with good graphics and use of shapes, colors, and fonts.

Members of this Committee, all contributing significantly, were Chairman and Society Vice President Martin Raussen, Albert Ruiz Cirera, Alfonso de la Fuente, Aron Simis, and Snezana Lawrence, with able professional support from Matti Pauna. Further valuable contributions came from Executive Committee members Volker Mehrmann, Gert-Martin Greuel, Alice Fialowski, and ex officio, Society President Marta Sanz-Solé, whose supervision and insight guided us all the way through the process.

In the rapidly changing world of web design and development this project will have a continuing life. In the next go-around we will provide attention on making the site even more responsive and useful to those visiting on smaller devices, like smartphones and tablets. More and more, people are using these portable instruments to access web sites, and we intend to accommodate them fully. Any suggestions you may have please address to me so I can forward them to the committee members.


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