ElCarbonRisk Conference Molde

Molde Panorama

“Molde panorama”   Copyright © Egil Sæbø   www.moldepanorama.no

On Monday and Tuesday 21–22 May I had the distinct pleasure of attending and participating in the ElCarbonRisk (Modelling and Forecasting Risk in Electricity, Carbon, and Related Energy Markets) Conference at Molde University College in Molde, Møre & Romsdal, Norway. The Organizers, who did a first-class job of preparation and execution were Prof. Sjur Westgaard of the Trondheim Business School and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Prof. Gudbrand Lien of Lillehammer University College, and our Host and Technical Organizer, Prof. Per Bjarte Solibakke of Molde University College. The full Conference program is here, from Prof. Solibakke’s web site. ElCarbonRisk Conference Program

The topics of interest for this Conference have widespread support in industry and the academy. In addition to the university and colleges mentioned, these organizations provided further support: The Research Council of Norway, Eidsiva Vannkraft AS, and Tafjord Kraftproduksjon AS. Participants presenting invited talks included academics and graduate students from the cited institutions. All presentations were received with enthusiasm, while the Q&A sessions were spirited and encouraging.

One could not write anything about Molde without mentioning the spectacular nature and vista across Romsdalsfjord to the south toward the snow-capped mountains. This is the Molde Panorama, and you see it in the image of this post. To the north of the city is Moldemarka, a complex of nature trails of impressive beauty and variety.

Monday evening, following the first session, we convened at Molde Fjordstuer for a formal dinner prepared by Executive Chef Jan Roger Blø and his attentive crew. The entrée of ‘Klippfisk’ — reconstituted dried salted cod, was perfectly rendered as were all the accoutrements and the to-die-for dessert. Yum-yum, or ‘Nam-nam’ as they say so enthusiastically here.

Incidentally, soon after registering into Molde Fjordstuer, a splendid hotel with a room for me overlooking the fjord and incredible panoramic vista beyond, I encountered hotel General Manager Ragnar Heggdal in the lobby. He personally greeted me and wished me a pleasant stay, a really nice touch, much appreciated.

All in all this was a fantastic conference in the Molde environs, with collegiality and friendship at the top level. Bravo!

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