Andreas Tollaksen

Young polar bear

No, that’s not really Andreas, but it is a pretty good likeness. Andreas is a loyal friend, who, among his many other talents can design fantastic web sites — like this one. His nimble fingers flash about the keyboard of his trusty MacBook to create the most innovative designs, always in good taste, and with the client’s interest foremost in his mind. But that’s not all, so read on.

Andreas Tollaksen is a multi-talented entrepreneur at a time when we all need high quality, well-conceived products and services. He is ideally prepared for the challenges ahead, having just recently earned with high distinction a Master of Science degree from BI Norwegian School of Management, submitting a very well-received scientific thesis on the economic evolution of the large and significant market for carbon allotments in accordance with the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme.

His next major project, along with several other investors, is to launch a carbon allotment trading exchange, based in Scandinavia, but serving all of Europe and beyond. The working name is Greenway, maybe to change before the startup date sometime in the second quarter of this year, depending on market conditions. Well, what is new and different about that, you ask? This exchange will be something special. First, it will operate at the cutting edge of technology, meaning that the services of receiving and executing orders will be extremely efficient, allowing for a highly competitive cost structure. But beyond that, the exchange is being organized, not just as a financial marketplace, but as a full stop service center to help firms and individuals plan their carbon allotment needs for maximum impact and with the essence of good neighbor performance.

To provide this array of benefits Andreas has organized AT Consulting, which networks through affiliated professionals to present highly competent legal, accounting, investment banking, and market research and development services. Andreas’ personal specialty is corporate image management, including the aforementioned classy web sites, to present clients in the best possible way to their constituencies, be they customers, suppliers, government regulators, or stockholders. His edge is that he understands the businesses he is serving, putting him far ahead of the pack of ordinary web designers, who may be technically competent, but cannot relate to the client’s true needs.

And above all, Andreas is a really great guy, a man on the move, and definitely one to watch.

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